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Ensure brand consistency at every touch point

Your company's brand image is one of the most valuable assets and should be properly developed to ensure it is a clear and accurate representation of your company. It should resonate with and connect with your target audience; building customer or user loyalty. Your brand identity is defined by its values, purpose, strengths, involvement with its community and overall mission.

Where does your brand stand?

  • What is your brand?

  • What does it
    stand for?

  • How is it

Is your brand your LOGO?

Companies need a logo (mark), to be uniquely recognized, but a brand is not defined by the logo (see above). A brand's essence can also be represented by an individual whos values resonate with the company's brand image. Take Michael Jordan and Nike as an example. Brands want to be associated with individuals who's personal brand values are aligned with their own values. Look at all the sponsorships athletes loose when value don't align.

Is your logo important?

Absolutely! Your logo serves as your company's mark and will help identify your company while building brand recognition. Take Nike again, you see the "swoosh" mark and immediately think, "Nike" - established brand recognition. What the "swoosh" stands for is what's important. Companies go through great lengths to develop and protect their brand's image and integrity. Building a strong brand takes time and patience. A few good examples of "strong" brands are: Nike, Apple, Zappos, Starbucks and Verizon to name a few.

ZOMOZ can help you create a unique logo for your company's brand.

Design Your Logo

Design, messaging and tonality

Every point of a company's brand is important; business cards, brochures and videos to a company's website and mobile apps. Our creative team is ready to help you with all your marketing and brand needs. We adhere to your existing brand guidelines or help you establish print and digital guidelines to take your brand to new levels.

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Take charge of your brand across all levels

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