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Why a good user experience (UX), is important

Your users experience and perception of your website is determined by how accessible a product, service or information is. A good user experience simplifies your site's navigation and faciliates the lead or conversion capture process. Good UX reduces the learning curve any user will experience from the moment they land on your site to the moment they checkout or subscribe.

User experience design is just one of the many puzzle pieces, important and evolving, in the digital space. While one solution may work for many, there will always be a few critics. The goal is to keep this number to a minimum by making your site or application easy to use. First impressions are very important, if you plan to capture, retain and have return visitors. Below are some factors important to a good user experience:

Good User Experience

  • Effective Information Architecture
  • Clear, Relevant and Accessible Content
  • Friendly Navigation
  • Clean and Visually Appealing Design
  • Proper Use of Titles and Labels
  • Effective and Efficient in Meeting Goals
  • Improves Engagement
  • Avoids Unnecessary Details
  • Gives Site Visitors Options
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Page Load Times
  • Reliable Website Hosting
  • Honesty in Pricing!!!!
  • Improves Brand Reliability
  • Mobile Experience Included

Bad User Experience

  • Increase Bounce Rates
  • Loose Conversions
  • Reduces Leads
  • Off-Brand
  • Information Over-flow
  • Confusing and Distracting
  • Too Much Downtime
  • Navigation or Interaction Issues
  • Problems with Form Submissions
  • Blank Pages
  • Irrelevant Content or Landing Pages
  • Distracting
  • Poor or Outdated Design
  • Poor Typography
  • Poor Mobile Experience

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Our approach to UX improvements

When you work with us, we take a comprehensive approach to your online marketing needs. When it comes to UX Design, we take an analytical approach to your existing website. We will present our findings and make recommendations for areas of improvement where necessary. Upon completion of the analysis report, we move unto design. Here we present solutions and a reason why we recommend making the changes. When we finish the design phase, we go through with implementation. The goal, is to improve the desired results: increased conversions, higher lead numbers, more subscriptions and/or registrations.

  • Good User

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  • Better Leads
    & Conversions

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User Experience Applications

  • Websites

  • Landing Pages

  • Checkout

  • Newsletters

  • Mobile Apps

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